Thursday 27 January 2022

Sharp Practice: Cours Lapin, Cours!

Back to C18th New France for my regular meet up with Andy, Phil and Jenny down BIG, though unfortunately Jenny was under the weather so missed out on a tense Sharp Practice battle set during the French & Indian War. Phil took control of the British, Andy and myself split the French. In this scenario the French had to get two important messages off the far table edge...

Standing in the way - Captain Phil McCavity and three groups of British infantry.

Using a mobile deployment point and a dummy one, Andy and I tried to confuse Phil as to our intentions.

In the woods more British appeared - Lieutenant Roger Boyes (I know, blame Phil, he would have written Carry On films in a different life...) with three groups of Provincial Rangers, pretending to be something more elite, waiting for the French to appear...

They did not have to wait long, Lieutenant de Cochone led two groups of Compagnies franches de la marine in line down the road towards the enemy.

As the Marines marched resolutely forward a new foe appeared - Chief Golden Shower and two groups of Mohawk skirmishers... (a few months back after posting the first F&IW report back I received a WhatsApp message out of the blue from one of my union reps - "Golden Shower eh?". I blamed Phil and decided he must die quickly - Golden Shower that is, not Phil or my rep. Hi Jeremy!)

The brave Lieutenant de Cochone led his men forward...

Into the guns of Lieutenant Boyes and his Rangers. A volley of musket fire from the treeline...

Seeing two Frenchmen fall dead, and the Compagnies franches de la marine take some Shock.

Meanwhile having fixed our mobile deployment point, Andy deployed the fearsome Snakebreath with his Huron warriors to the fore to continue his (entirely one sided) blood vendetta against Golden Shower (or so Andy claims...), supported by Ensign Montmartre and a scruffy looking group of Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers.

Further back the not quite so fearsome Lizardbreath assembled his group of Huron warriors in the woods...

Finishing the French deployment Sergeant la Grande and a much smarter looking group of Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers arrived to engage the enemy.

Lieutenant de Cochone deployed his Compagnies franches de la marine into line to take on the Provincial Rangers but their first volley was woefully ineffective.

The fearsome Snakebreath moved his Huron into some heavy cover...

And fired a volley into Golden Shower and his Mohawks.

Whilst Sergeant la Grande moved his Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers forward...

Loosing a volley into Lieutenant Boyes boys...

Inflicting some Shock on the Provincial Rangers.

As the Huron engaged the Mohawk, Ensign Montmartre (carrying one of the messages) led his Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers behind his native allies and rushed towards the woods on the British left.

Golden Shower's Mohawks rashly charged the fearsome Snakebreath and his Huron...

And died to a man. Unfortunately Golden Shower escaped unhurt, unlike the fearsome Snakebreath who was wounded.

The nefarious Mohawk leader fled the scene of the skirmish, joining up with a second group of native skirmishers.

Reacting to Ensign Montmartre's sprint toward safety, Phil split off one group of British line under the command of Sergeant Rick O'Shea who advanced towards the Frenchman and his group of Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers.

Elsewhere Lieutenant de Cochone took command of Sergeant la Grande's Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers as he had the second message and needed to make an effort to reach safety. La Grande was ordered to take command of the Compagnies franches de la marine line still engaged with the Provincial Rangers...

Elsewhere the vile Mohawk chief Golden Shower was back in the centre of the action again, charging his second group of skirmishers into the fearsome Snakebreath's Huron.

Unfortunately for the unloaded Huron, this Mohawk attack was much more effective with three braves falling to the Mohawk tomahawks and the wounded fearsome Snakebreath knocked unconscious! 

Fortunately for the fearsome Snakebreath, his last warrior dragged him to safety as he fled.

Caporal Pappilon and his Milice Canadienne were now left trying to hold the French right as the despicable Mohawks scalped their dead foes!

Ensign Montmartre and his group of Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers continued their run through the wood hoping to reach safety before Sergeant O'Shea's redcoats cut their route off.

A quick rush almost saw Montmartre reach the safety of the table edge.

Meanwhile Lieutenant de Cochone ordered his men to follow a similar route to that of Ensign Montmartre in an effort to get the second message to safety...

Unfortunately this exposed their flank to Captain McCavity's British line who fired a volley into the Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers...

Fortunately for Lieutenant de Cochone the long range British fire was wayward and although his Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers took some doubled Shock, it was not enough to affect their progress.

Meanwhile Ensign Montmartre reached safety...

Detaching his group of Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers before he did to protect the escape route from the advancing redcoats. Although without a leader they could still be activated on a flag at Tiffin and also defend themselves if attacked.

Lieutenant de Cochone and the Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers continued their flight, screened by the Milice Canadienne of Caporal Pappilon. 

Waving the bloody scalps of the defeated Huron in the air, Golden Shower charged his Mohawks into the Milice Canadienne.

This reckless action saw another group of Mohawks wiped out, but once again Golden Shower escaped, although this time he had been wounded (my plan to kill him off quickly so we never heard of him again was clearly not working).

Back near the escape route Sergeant O'Shea's group of line attacked the leaderless Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers, attempting to  sweep them aside and block the route of Lieutenant de Cochone...

Despite not having a leader and being outnumbered the brave Compagnies franches de la marine fought off the British line killing five and piling Shock on the Redcoats. 

Unfortunately the Compagnies franches de la marine had also taken excess Shock and had to fall back.

As elsewhere did the not quite so fearsome Lizardbreath and his Huron warriors who had enough of the musket fire from the Provincial Rangers.

Lieutenant Boyes now decided it was time to advance out of the treeline and engage the battered Compagnies franches de la marine commanded by Sergeant la Grande.

One group of Rangers charged forward throwing tomahawks as they went in inflicting Shock on the French line troops.

Although one group of Compagnies franches de la marine broke with excess Shock, the other beat back the green-coated Provincials.

Lieutenant de Cochone escorted by the Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers had almost reached safety...

When they were confronted by Sergeant O'Shea and his surviving redcoats!

However a quick volley of French fire quickly saw O'Shea and his men flee due to excess Shock.

At this point of the game Lieutenant de Cochone was just inches from safety, victory for the French seemed inevitable.

However the French Force Morale was on a precarious 2, as was that of the British, so all to play for maybe.

Realising his only hope for victory now was to break the French Force Morale, Phil charged another unit of Provincial Rangers into the remaining Compagnies franches de la marine line group...

That round of Fisticuffs saw both groups take excess Shock and forced to fall back, resulting in the Force Morale for both sides falling to just 1!

Desperate times call for desperate measures or cometh the hour, cometh the inappropriately named Mohawk chief... In something of a 'Hail Mary' move Phil charged the wounded Golden Shower towards Lieutenant de Cochone and his Compagnies franches de la marine skirmishers - challenging the French officer to a duel!!!

De Cochone could of course have refused such impertinence from a native but bravely he pulled out his sword... En garde!

A flurry of tomahawk and sword saw de Cochone wound the Mohawk chieftain a second time.

Then, following a second clash of steel, de Cochone's blade plunged into Golden Shower's black heart and the infamous Mohawk leader fell dead, breaking the British Force Morale and securing victory for Andy and myself!

Another really enjoyable and tense game of Sharp Practice that went right to the wire and despite my attempts to kill him off early I suspect this game will always be remembered as the Battle of Golden Shower...

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  1. Golden Shower, that did make me chuckle. Great looking game!