Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Cold War 1987: M41 DK-1 Troop

The second batch of Danish armour I managed to paint up over the festive period was a reconnaissance troop of M41 Walker Bulldog's, though the upgraded 1987 DK-1 model which looks more like a mini-Leopard than the veteran of the Vietnam War.

Once again the models are from Butlers' Printed Models and I was happy enough with the prints, again any striation was minimal and as with the Centurions as long as you don't drybrush over any areas of it when weathering, not a major issue.

I now need to buy some infantry (probably West Germans to be painted up as Danes) and pick up some M113's and Landrovers with TOW's to finish my force off.


  1. Those do look like baby leopards!

  2. Hi. When I painted up Danes I was told that the front corners of the camouflage were always black, in case that helps.

    1. Yeah, I've done that. Whether the black then goes across as a band or is blobs seems to vary...

  3. Good job on the detail. When I was a Task Force Operations Officer in Bosnia in 1996 I actually had an opportunity to work with the Nordic Brigade as part of the NATO mission.