Saturday, 15 May 2021

Maximilian Affair: Viva Juarez!

I'm really not quite sure where the last two months have gone... I have not been slacking and a Kingdom of Italy army for a Sharp Practice event at BIG at the end of June is coming along nicely (expect photos soon) and money has been splashed on Stargrave. The easing of lockdown rules next week means that Tuesday will see my first gaming in six months, hopefully I'll remember the rules!

One thing I'd like to get up and running, over the summer possibly, would be some Maximilian Affair games using Rebels & Patriots and I was excited to see yesterday that The Virtual Armchair General has released two sourcebooks called Viva Juarez! which given the mass of information in their Sudan volumes I just had to have. Unfortunately the TVAG website is not (shall we say) very 21st century and whilst I was not put off by the $30 and $40 price per volume (given the excellent Sudan volumes) the probability of another $45 for postage and Lord knows what the Post Office would bill for VAT, duty and their "admin fee' was off putting (and I couldn't find an order button to push on the TVAG website!)

My 'Eureka' moment was recalling I'd picked up the Sudan volumes off Amazon and whilst not expecting them to have them yet (or at all) I was pleasantly surprised to find they had both Volume One (for £21.45) and Volume Two (for £28.60), post free.

They will be in my hands tomorrow... :-)

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