Friday 5 March 2021

Panzerfäuste: Deathless Likho

Painting up a few Panzerfäuste bits and pieces, I decided to slap some paint on the Deathless Likho, demonic creatures summoned to The Land to provide the Deathless army with intelligent creatures capable of commanding Zombi units and operating mechanical weapons...

The miniatures are wearing WWI style Russian uniforms but carry WW2 weapons. The Signalizatory here (with Starshina NCO) using signal flags (unlike the other Panzerfäuste races whose command sets have radios).

The figures were just base painted, given a wash with Army Painter Military Tone and then highlighted. I really liked the dark red skin contrasting nicely with the single yellow eye.

I also painted the two Likho 'handlers' for the Nezhit Undead Troll who are attempting to control the reanimated brute which I painted in 2016!

I've enjoyed painting these Panzerfäuste miniatures and will keep dipping into my resin pile as there are a lot of great models which I never got around to painting in the Hysterical days...

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