Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Peninsular War: Volteggiatori 4a Fanteria di Linea

I managed to finish the basing on two groups of Voltigeur skirmishers for my Kingdom of Italy line infantry last night and varnish them first thing this morning as the weather was nice...

The figures are some of the more active (ie. non-marching) ones from the Perry Elite Companies, French Infantry 1807-14 set, something of a mix of running and loading/priming/firing poses.

Unlike the Conscript Fusiliers and Grenadiers I posted about yesterday, these guys are more campaign worn with oilskin covered shakos (apart from the Primo Corporale and Corporale leader figures who have uncovered shakos), some also having the quintessential locally sourced replacement brown cloth trousers worn by both sides in the Peninsular War.

Just the basing left to do on three groups of Fusiliers to be ready for BIG this evening, hopefully the weather will hold so I can get them varnished before I head off...

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