Monday 3 August 2020

American War of Independence: Lee's Legion

Following on from Kirkwood's Lights which I painted at the beginning of the lockdown, I decided, with some AWI Sharp Practice games on the horizon to paint up another unit of Light infantry, Lee's Legion, who had been sat forlornly undercoated for a few months now.

Lee's Legion (aka 2nd Partisan Corps) was a unit of comprising of both foot and cavalry, and saw action under the command of Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee in the Southern Campaign, notably at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.

There is some debate over their uniforms, some sources claiming they wore an unusual lilac/purple colour (which may have been a weathered or faded blue), green jackets with buff or white pants (the same as Tarelton's British Legion) or cream jackets, faced green, with buff pants. Given the brightness of the lilac and with the green jackets undoubtedly going to cause confusion with the British Legion, I went with the cream jackets (which were also easiest to paint using the Army Painter Soft Tone dip which I am using on my American army).

The figures are from Perry Miniatures metal AWI range and I was amused to note that the figures George has used for his British Legion are the same ones I have used for Lee's Legion - good job then I did not paint them in green jackets!

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