Thursday 27 August 2020

Milites Mundi: Heavy Metal Thunder...

Whilst Andy was handing my brave Patriots their first Sharp Practice defeat last week at BIG, we got talking with proprietor Jim about 6mm gaming, something I always have had a love for (my first proper wargames army being 6mm WW2 Americans). 

After some typical wargamer 'talking around the houses' Jim and I decided that Gripping Beast's new smaller scale rules Milites Mundi looked interesting and would be worth having a go with (if we don't like them there is always To The Strongest and others...). Having been listening to the first three audio books of Peter Harman's Parthian novels I said I fancied raising a Parthian army - and the idea of camel cataphracts was just so cool! :D

Unfortunately Baccus are having ongoing availability issues so a quick revision of ideas led to a change of scale to 10mm and Jim and I putting in orders to Gripping Beast (for Romans) and Newline Designs (for Parthians) respectively. I am hoping to mix and match my horse archers from a few manufacturers so small orders will be going off to the likes of Magister Militum and Pendraken over the next couple of days. Fingers crossed they will be compatible.

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