Sunday 19 April 2020

Maximilian Affair: French Régiment Étranger

It's been just over seven years since I last did any work on my Maximilian Affair project, but with the enforced lockdown and much fun having been had with Rebels and Patriots, I decided to review the project and see how practical it would be to raise a couple of forces for it (and possibly Sharp Practice) from what I had.

Before moving on to other things I'd painted 15 French legionnaires from Foundry so adding what was unpainted I found I had enough for two 12 figure French infantry units. Rather than have two units of Régiment Étranger, I decided to keep one as legionnaires (with white summer trousers and covered kepis were modelled) and make the second up as regular French infantry (with red trousers and uncovered kepis if worn).

The Régiment Étranger proved the easier to finish as I had only one left in a white covered kepi to paint up, although I did repaint all the faces. It was an interesting exercise trying to recreate painting and basing techniques and colours from seven years ago, though I think I have got away with it (the middle one is the one painted this week, the two either side in 2013...).


  1. That's a good match. I have a little book where I write down how I paint each set of figures. Very useful if you need to do it again.