Saturday 26 October 2019

Haunted House!

SWMBO is a big fan of Hallowe'en, more so than Christmas, and the other week she had the bright idea of building up a Hallowe'en village, rather like those Christmas ones the Americans love. I recalled I had a cheap plaster building I'd bought from Hobbycraft many moons ago to see if it would be any good for gaming so dug it out and said if she liked it she could have it.

She did but insisted I painted it for her! :-)

A quick paint job by drybrushing over a black undercoat, it has come up nicely...

The hollow interior is painted orange so when you put a tealight inside it glows in a suitabley spooky fashion!

Sadly Hobbycraft have stopped producing these models and I can't find a UK source for any more (even Xmas ones I could convert), so it might be a case of scratch building the rest of the village with DAS type modelling clay.

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