Thursday 25 October 2018

North-West Frontier: 92nd (Gordon Highlanders)

When ordering the Sikhs for my British Field Force from Perry Miniatures I decided to purchase a couple of packs of Highlanders from the Sudan range. These are lovely figures, the question was which Highland regiment to paint them as?

I stuck with my initial idea of raising a North-West Frontier themed Field Force (with some flexibility to use elsewhere) and so went with the 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) who fought in the Second Afghan War and the First Boer (and as the Gordon Highlanders in the Anglo-Egyptian War and Sudan). Uniform wise they are not right for the Sudan, they should have grey jackets but perhaps in the desert the grey was covered in a light dust and looked like khaki! :-)

The figures were painted using the same dip process I have used on all my British colonial figures, the only difference being the kilts painted subsequently. These are not 100% accurate, they should have three horizontal bars not two as I have painted, but my eye sight and painting skill isn't up to that level anymore and it looks ok.