Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Donnybrook: C17th Militia Officer

I got out the habit of painting my Donnybrook figures when I hit the Algonquin as I wasn't convinced I was getting the right skin tone. However keen to get back on the Donnybrook horse I decided to paint up a figure that I based and undercoated a while back and then ignored for the best part of the year.

I'm not 100% sure who made the figure, I think it is Foundry and may be something to do with one of their Pirates sets. Whatever, I trimmed away his ponytail as too C18th and painted him up as some fairly well-to-do merchant type, leading a town militia against Indians, bandits, Government forces, whatever. Pretty pleased with how this came up so quickly, now he just needs a militia to lead!

Painting Target: 107/1000


  1. Nice looking figure, wonder if he is a Foundry???

  2. He is, from their Treasure Island set.