Wednesday 26 February 2014

Rogue Trooper

Last year I pledged towards Mongoose's Rogue Trooper Kickstarter, I have always loved the Nu-Earth stories and thought it would make for a great skirmish game. Unfortunately the Kickstarter has been bedevilled with problems and Mongoose are getting a kicking for it. In retrospect they may have been a bit optimistic launching this so soon after the Dredd one which they had not finished shipping stuff out on and to be fair they have been let down by the same sculptor who let me down with the Geheimkrieg miniatures.

However things appear to be moving, photos of greens have been seen so fingers crossed 2014 will be the Year of the Rogue!

Ironically the Dredd Kickstarter included a set of Rogue Trooper miniatures comprising of Rogue, a Souther Trooper and a Nort and these arrived recently. I'm not sure how compatible these will be with the eventual releases but I decided to slap some paint on the three figures starting with the blue-skinned Genetic Infantryman himself.

I tried the block paint, dip, then highlight paint approach to speed things up and think the result is reasonably good. I'm not sure on the base effect, I want to do something different for the radioactive wasteland of Nu-Earth and have drybrushed Buff over Black Grey. Not sure on this but it will do until something better suggests itself.

2014 Painting Target: 101/1000

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  1. Looking good, Steve - always love Rogue Trooper! Really hope this takes off again; ideal for a THW Chain Reaction 3.0 skirmish game ;)