Monday 10 February 2014

Donnybrook: Coldstream Guard IV

Back to the painting table and more progress on Donnybrook. These are the first four pikemen of a drilled regular army Coldstream Guard unit to go alongside the first unit of musketeers. The miniatures are Warfare Miniatures and great fun to paint, despite all the red (the lighting has bleached much of the shading created with a brown ink wash...)

I'm now pondering the remaining two units for the regular army unit. I intend to paint up another unit of musketeers but am torn between a unit of cavalry or one of grenadiers. A standard game has six units a side so perhaps I should just do both...

2014 Painting Target: 44/1000


  1. Absolutely do both :-) Really enjoying your Donnybrook painting. Not a period I've played myself but you're making it very tempting...


  2. Very imposing! How do like a work in a skirmish level game?