Sunday 9 February 2014


Having had great fun with Shenandoah Studio's Battle of the Bulge iOS game on my iPad I decided to have a look at the second game in the series Drive on Moscow. As it is currently on sale at £2.99 I bought a copy and last night invaded Russia!

Like Battle of the Bulge this is a great little game, albeit with lots more units and different problems to face, including the changing weather. The use of supply is really important and cut off units grind to an ineffective halt, you can also pin enemy units making them ineffective by surrounding them, a useful tactic for tying down quality enemy units.

Great fun, Shenandoah have two new titles coming soon, another WW2 title in the form of El Alamein and an ACW based around Gettysburg. Based on the two I've played I think I'll be buying both...


  1. Looks great!....Just need an ipad now.

    Are there a lot of these types of games on ipad? I havent a clue as i can barely get my mobile phone to work, let alone an ipad....The wife wants one and this may just influence my decision to get her me :)

    1. The iPad is a lot easier to use than a mobile! I wouldn't be wothout it, it has hundreds of books, rules and wargames mags on it Games wise I had only really played FIFA 13 and some Most Wanted (wonderful looking car racing game) but have discovered Shenandoah and am hooked. Slitherine also do iPad games and I am currently investigating. Battle Academy looks interesting...

  2. Hmmm interesting. Ill be looking into it, cheers.


  3. Thanks for these mate - playing with the Bulge lite version now on your recommendation. Great for a quick bit of fun!