Friday 9 April 2010

Return To Salute!

This year will be the first for a number that I help put a participation game on at Salute for the SFSFW. This was a tradition for the Society following its formation in 1992 and we even won best participation game one year with our wonderful Destroy All Monsters 20mm scale Godzilla game. However we never made the move from Olympia to the ExCel for a number of factors, but this year we're back with Raid of Le Vengeur, an underwater VSF game using the soon to be published Aquanef rules.

This has meant that "normal" painting activity has been suspended as I realised we didn't have anything ready with less than a month to go (not that this is unusual, varnishing has previously occurred on the morning of the show on more than one occasion!). Most of the last week has been spent painting up the ironclads and scratch building the aquanef which will need moulding and casting, hopefully over the weekend.

Anyhow in lieu of anything new to show off, here are a few pictures of previous SFSFW games at Salute. Unfortunately I don't have anything pre-digital so cannot show the wonderful Destroy All Monsters game or Battle of Five Armies we did in 15mm...

The Battle of Britain 1890

The Great Land Ironclad Robbery

Pyramids of Mars


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  1. Hehe!

    Awesome! I look forward to seeing you there. I really want some of those Land Ironclads. They are beauts, and they are freakin' Huuuuuge!!!


  2. What rules did you use in this battle?
    "The Great Land Ironclad Robbery"

  3. We used Voyages Extraordinaires for the Great Land Ironclad Robbery, IIRC the Professor's daughter used her "flash attractive ankles" attack on one German!

    The ironclads are old Wild Wild West toy Derailer tanks picked up from Toys R Us many moons ago for about a fiver each.

  4. I well remember the Pyramids of Mars game - my first SALUTE and the first and only time we have met Steve. In fact, I think thats my photo!

    Have a great day at SALUTE, wish I was going but its a little too far for a day trip!

  5. Where can I get Voyages Extraordinaires ruleset?

  6. VE will be re-released later this year - keep your eye on Bertie's Blog or TMP for news!

  7. Thanks!
    I will keep my two eyes on the blog :D