Monday, 11 July 2022

'O' Group: U.S. Infantry Battalion and Regimental Supports

To supplement the core Battalion in 'O' Group you can pick a number of support units so I cracked on and painted a number from the existing pile of metal I had sat around. An order to Heroics & Ros saw some AT guns and light mortars has arrived so they will be added to the option soon...

First up 'Dog Company' a fourth company of infantry, a 'Reinforcement Company' in the army lists...

A Heavy Weapons Company, comprising of a 81mm Mortar Platoon and a Machine-Gun Company with medium machine guns.

A Combat Engineer Platoon with flamethrower.

A bazooka equipped Anti-Tank Platoon.

There are a few more options I'd like to add such as an Armoured Reconnaissance Platoon and some Armoured Infantry Halftracks but they'll be for another day...

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