Wednesday, 6 July 2022

American War of Independence: Mounted Rebel Militia

With a game of Sharp Practice lined up for tomorrow taking a scenario from the Swamp Fox scenario book, I have managed to finish a unit of ten mounted rebel militia for it that have sat in grey undercoat for rather too long.

In Swamp Fox a number of scenarios have the option of mounted rebel militia and whilst not completely necessary I liked the idea but baulked somewhat at price of the lovely Perry Miniatures Mounted Militia.

However Perry plastics rode(!) to the rescue with their extremely versatile ACW cavalry and AWI sprues in the spares box with spare heads, arms etc. On a few models I added some Green Stuff tails to their coats to reinforce the C18th look. As with my other AWI rebels they have been block painted and smothered in Army Painter dip which reinforced the dirty campaign look of troops in the South Carolina swamps.

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  1. very clever. I have the Swamp Fox campaign, but the thought of painting loads of mounted militia was very off-putting...