Monday 27 June 2022

Winter Wonderlard II: Bag The Hun!

My second game at Winter Wonderlard II earlier this year was Bag The Hun... Andy is a big fan of this but I hadn't (at the time) gotten around to playing a game with him so keen to give it a go I signed up with Kev to play his WW2 Pacific game based around the B-17 bomber 'Old 666' and its legendary 1943 mission to map the west coast of Bougainville Island which is still the most highly decorated in American history...

'Old 666' was spotted by the Japanese Navy Zeroes of 251 Kukutai (Air Squadron) at the Buka airfield and they were scrambled to to intercept the B-17. I took command of Midori Hentai (Green Flight)...

Supported by other players controlling Shiroi Hentai (White Flight), Akai Hentai (Red Flight) - out of shot to the right, and Aoi Hentai (Blue Flight) - out of shot to the left.

With Kev having pushed up 'Old 666's' altitude from its initial 25,000ft to 30,000ft Midori Hentai and Aoi Hentai increased theirs to match and engage the B-17.

Approaching from directly ahead Midori Hentai's flight leader was able to fire at the oncoming American bomber.

Typically my dice rolling was abysmal and I managed to jam the flight leader's guns as Midori Hentai flew past the bomber!

Akai Hentai leader, having left his flight behind, also tried attack from the front but only inflicted minor inconsequential damage.

Now past the B-17 Midori Hentai tried a manoeuvre to reverse course. The flight leader and his wingman managed to do this but the third Zero flown by a sprog failed and was last seen heading towards the Solomon Islands!

Midori Hentai were not the only ones to end up with 'Old 666' flying past them, 251 Kukutai  was in a bit of a mess!

With the bomber heading towards safety all sign of formation flying by the Japanese went out of the window as individual planes jockeyed for position and a shot...

Akai Hentai leader followed by Aoi Hentai leader and Shiroi Hentai leader all took turns firing (and being shot at by) the seemingly unstoppable B-17.

With safety in sight it looked like history was going to repeat itself and 'Old 666' reach Dobodura airfield on Papua New Guinea...

In a last desperate attack my flight leader from Midori Hentai went in for one last attack firing a burst at the B-17...

Amazingly the Zero's 20mm cannons caused a catastrophic hit on 'Old 666' which saw it explode on the very edge of safety!

This was my first Bag The Hun game and whilst it took a little while to get use to manoeuvring and lining our planes up effectively we all had a great time thanks to the excellent game Kev put on.

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