Sunday, 22 May 2022

The War of the Eight Year: Sea Peoples Archers

As I started work on a new project (more on this soon) I realised I hadn't posted pictures of the last unit (for the time being) of my Chariots Rampant Sea People's Army...

Like the rest of this army the miniatures are from Newline Designs and block painted before being given a Soft Tone "dip". This is my first "all metal" army that I've painted in a log time.

Th Archers takes my Sea Peoples up to 30 points. I have some unpainted Sherden that can take them up to 36 points and will also be able to fight as mercenaries with my New Kingdom Egyptians (when I find them!)


  1. Great painting and great looking bases too.

  2. I'm quite enjoying your ancients units as they pour off the assembly line! The Sea Peoples chariots and infantry look great. I have an Essex 15mm DBA Sea Peoples army en route from the UK, so I shall be revisiting these posts for painting inspiration. Cheers from Canada, MikeP

  3. I’ve been enjoying your ancients posts and units here. I have an Essex Sea Peoples DBA army on order and will revisit your posts for painting inspiration. Cheers, Mike.