Thursday, 24 September 2020

Sharp Practice: Death and Disaster at Lawson Farm

After a short break to allow Andy to ponder on his recent run of Sharp Practice defeats, and no doubt reporting to Horse Guards for a sharp dressing down, we returned to the colonies (aka BIG) last night to see how much more of America I could liberate from the Tory oppressors!

We decided to play the Attack an Objective scenario again from the rulebook, our previous run out seeing a narrow British victory seized right at the death.

As the game begins Lieutenant Haddock marches his three groups of Redcoat Regulars down the road...

Supported by Ensign Harrow who commanded two groups of Light Infantry Skirmishers.

The brave Patriots enter the field, Captain Whitfield commanding three groups of Continental Line with Lieutenant Kraslow leading two groups of Light Infantry in Line. Ahead of them Sergeant Horowitz reconnoitres with a group of Continental Light Skirmishers armed with rifles.

Andy's redcoats had clearly been practising their shooting during the break (or maybe he had been practising his dice rolling) as in the first round of fire, Sergeant Russell with one group of Light Infantry Skirmishers hiding in the wood, kill two of the Continental Skirmishers in the cornfield!

Lieutenant Haddock decides to go on the offensive, moving the Lobsterbacks into Open Column and advancing towards the cornfield.

Two groups of Militia Skirmishers under Corporal Rowsick decide to join the fray and deploy in front of the Light Infantry screening their advance.

Ensign Harrow moves his troops down the edge of the field to form a barrier to the American advance.

Opening fire on the advancing Patriots, Harrow's Skirmishers inflict some Shock on the Light Infantry and kill two of the Militia Skirmishers - including Corporal Rowsick!

The compound matters three flags in a row are drawn after the Continental Lights move necessitating me rolling 2D6 on the movement events table. I roll a 3 - Lieutenant Kraslow has stood in something nasty resulting him reducing a command level until he finds some water to wash it off! 

I now have two units with one Level One commander in command range. Kraslow orders the Militia to fire at the British Skirmishers, but they fire high...

Lieutenant Haddock advances his Regulars into the the cornfield...

Whilst Captain Whitfield moves the Continental Line to oppose them, hoping to get the opportunity to fire first.

Unfortunately Haddock's token comes out first and he snaps his Regulars into Line...

And fires! 

All groups of the Continentals take shock and four fall dead - including Captain Whitfield!

To make matters worse, Sergeant Russell's Skirmishers flank the leaderless Continentals and let loose! Two more brave Patriots die and the Americans take Double Shock!

Meanwhile Lieutenant Kraslow rushes across to some water barrels to wash the offending mess off his boot and restore his command level...

Having ordered the Militia Skirmishers to shoot at the British Skirmishers - who miss once again!

Reaching the barrels, Kraslow washes the offending muck of his boots!

In an attempt to help the leaderless Continentals, Sergeant Horowitz runs to try and take command...

Unfortunately he doesn't reach them before another volley of British fire forces the Continentals back.

Having cleaned off his boot, Lieutenant Kraslow orders the Continental Lights to engage the British Skirmishers...

Before hoping the fence and attempting to reach his command. 

In a turn of good fortune a brave Militiamen, Private Petch, stands up to take command of the Militia Skirmishers (I eventually rolled a 6 when the appropriate command token was drawn). Unfortunately his Command Level was zero so I would need to expend a flag (if I had one) for him to order the Militia to do anything.

Elsewhere Lieutenant Roebuck stood up against the withering British fire to take command of the faltering Continentals Line.

Lieutenant Kraslow decides it is time to take to the offensive and orders his men across the rail fence towards the British Skirmishers, whilst ordering the Militia to keep firing on the enemy, at long last inflicting some casualties and Shock.

Despite the valiant attempts Lieutenant Roebuck, the badly shaken Continentals suddenly find themselves facing a charge from Haddock's Regulars!

The result was rather inevitable and the Continentals were pushed back off the field of play.

At this point the American Force Morale was somewhat on the low side!

With the Force Morale on life support and the Light Infantry and Militia Skirmishers engaged with Harrow's Skirmishers...

I decided to go with a Hail Mary approach and Sergeant Horowitz having rejoined his men orders them to run down the road as fast as they can to capture the unprotected objective!

The drawing of the order tokens suddenly went the way of the Americans and Horowitz and his boys run like hell towards the farmhouse!

It was hard to tell if Andy was looking worried under his mask, but he ordered Harrow to unsportingly shoot the Continental Skirmishers in the back but only inflicted one additional point of Shock whilst in turn being attacked by Kraslow's Light's to their rear (well he started it!).

Another fortunate drawing of the command tokens sees the Americans almost reach the building and snatch an extremely unlikely victory out of the jaws of defeat! 

Realising his predicament Andy orders Sergeant Russell to seize the American deployment point to reduce the Patriot Force Morale to zero. The battle had turned into a foot race!

Until Lieutenant Haddock ordered his Regulars to shoot the Militia in the back (Andy refused to believe they were civilians gone turkey hunting) inflicting enough Shock on them to break them, resulting in the American Force Morale to hit zero!

Well the gods of war(gaming) were not with me at all tonight. Having one Leader killed might be regarded as unfortunate, to have two killed? Well... On top of that Lieutenant Kraslow standing in something unpleasant and reducing his command ability added insult to injury. 

My main tactical regrets were not using the Lights in Line more aggressively and pushing them along the road with the Militia Skirmishers supporting their flank and not using the longer range firing of the Continental Skirmishers to better effect. Andy was on his game tonight only looking concerned when the Skirmishers ran down the road at speed towards the unprotected objective. It would have been funny if they had reached it, but it would have been an undeserved victory...


  1. Fab battle report! Nice looking game too :-)
    Particularly like those fences
    Thanks for posting

  2. Splendid looking game and minis, really makes me want to break out SP again. Cheers,