Wednesday 26 September 2018

North-West Frontier: 15th Ludhiana Sikhs (or Punjab Frontier Force)

To add a bit of variety to my The Men Who Would Be Kings British Field Force I bought a couple of packs of Sikhs from the Perry Miniatures Sudan range, useful in that they are wearing uniforms that do for both the North-West Frontier and Sudan.

The initial plan was that I would paint them up as the 15th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry (Ludhiana Sikhs) who fought in both the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War and Sudan. However it appears that for the former they still wore their red/yellow coloured turban and blue trousers, well at least for the early part of the war.

After a few minutes pondering the kind of issues that send wargamers mad I decided in the end that I would paint them in the full drab (khaki) uniform worn in the Sudan and if anyone has a problem with them being the 15th on the NWF then they will become one of the all drab uniformed Sikh regiments of the Punjab Field Force instead!

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