Thursday 14 July 2011

Hats Off To Mantic...

You may recall I picked up Mantic's Dwarf King's Hold: Undead Rising at Salute which is a cracking little game and well worth picking up. Anyway, the second Dwarf King's Hold game is being released soon in the form of Dwarf King's Hold: Green Menace which whilst stand alone featuring Orcs and Elves can be combined with the original game.

As part of the promotion Mantic have released a bundle of the two games with an exclusive scenario and limited edition Dwarf Driller. All well and good for new customers but somewhat annoying for those like me who already bought Undead Rising...

However, in response to customer feedback over this (including myself on their Facebook page) Mantic have now put up the option of a Green Menace pre-order including the additional bits from the bundle. This has to be ordered before Green Menace is released, but hats off to Mantic to responding so promptly and favourably and making sure existing customers didn't miss out.

I'm really looking forward to Green Menace and I will say if you haven't got the original game, the Dwarf King's Hold bundle with both games and added extras is well worth getting, it is a wonderfully simple but challenging game and a great one to play with either fellow grognards or the kids...


  1. Behaviour like this is a breath of fresh air for a company that's becoming one of the biggies. I hope this marks a change in the way things are done in general in the industry.

  2. I must have a look at this. Sounds fun.