Saturday 22 May 2010

Victorian War Mole

Before I sit down to an afternoon and evening of football, beer and Dr Who, I finished off the toy I picked up in the Entertainer last weekend. It was a Hasbro G.I. Joe Mole Pod which they had for sale at £7.50 (half price).

As you can see, it's perfect for 28mm VSF as a small terranef and I have painted up for use in such games. Most of my VSF 28mm machines are painted black with bits of brass with no national markings so they can be used for any side, though this got a heavy weathering to show it had been ploughing through the earth...

I'm quite pleased with the end result and as it required no additional converting to make it useable I might pick up a couple more (thinking about it, it would also work in 40K and looks quite Orky or suitable for an IG unit, umm...)


  1. I agree with John. A great find! Well Done.

    (I think I may have to search one out - I'm not sure what I will use it for - I just want one).


  2. I'm even thinking it could be used for Flash Gordon SF now...

  3. I have seen this one used before on the LAF. Very, very good though Steve.
    Could even be used for Panzerfauste by them pesky Khallies!
    Nice touch having no national markings, I'm planning on doing the same with the majority of my VSF vehicles.
    I might try to buy one, G.I.Joe toy right?


  4. Excellent!
    Better -and certainly less expensive- than any 'specialized' model I know of.

  5. Just the thing for digging under those damned Martian defences Sir!