Tuesday 4 May 2010

More Eldar

Few more pictures of elements from Saul's small Eldar army. Pretty much everything has been picked up cheap on eBay or at shows. We've still got a few bits and pieces hanging around like the Wraithguard and some specialist troops to paint up so I need to re-focus on getting them done.

The Avavtar is an impressive model and definitely kick-ass on the tabletop. Whilst it slightly erodes the hard SF look of the Eldar it is a finely detailed miniature, which is brought to the surface by a slightly lighter grey for drybrushing. Contrast is provided some "fire" runes and the white cloth sporting the Craftworld icon.

Also pictured here are some Elder Guardian infantry. These were very cheap and already stuck together (some really badly), however the black paintjob hides a multitude of sins. 

The Rangers are scout troopers for the army in long hooded coats. Keeping with the overall black theme of the army these have been painted grey with a dark grey splinter pattern inspired by the WW2 Luftwaffe scheme. We have an Eldar tank somewhere that will probably end up with a similar pattern.


  1. More nice stuff, I actually really lik the black paint scheme

  2. Again, awesome work.
    I look forward to seeing future updates with this army.