Monday 3 August 2009


There are a plethora of e-fanzine's for GW games on the internet and I was really pleased to find one for Warmaster given my recent infatuation with things 10mm. Warmuster is a free to download PDF from the Warmaster Players Community and I must say is really very nice.

The first issue is just out and contains some fantastic colour photos of home produced Warmaster armies (all for the Warhammer World background but I won't hold that against them). Some of the conversions are really very well done and hugely inspiring, especially the Dogs of War army. The group also produce a finely produced "trial" army compendium which includes army lists for the likes of the Dogs of War, Ogre Kingdoms etc, which again is free to download and worth spending some time perusing.

My own 10mm endeavours received a boost today when I re-discovered a bag of Kallistra goodies I'd stashed away including two packs of barbarians, two packs of Orcs and three packs of High Elves (which I must say are much more Tolkienesque than GW's).


  1. Looks like a good read. I love seeing scratchbuilt armies.
    Always enjoyed that with HOTT, so many different ideas. Paul at our club did the Baywatch team which was bloody awesome!

    I am heading off to Kenilworth for the night, but will 'peruse' it myself on Thursday.


    10mm Ranke and Vyle...
    I wonder if Germy would partake in such an opportunity. I'd love to see it and the rules wouldn't have to change too much.


  2. Just tried to find the download and failed.

    Any chance of a direct link to the file steve?


  3. Just click where it says Warmuster in the first paragraph - the coloured words are direct links.