Tuesday 18 August 2009

Dwarf 'Tin Man' Mining Machine

I must confess to not being the greatest fan of "steampunk" dwarves, the whole idea of dwarves with steam powered tech seems to be the antithesis of the whole concept of conservative, traditional dwarves, that said, done right, it can work and be fun. Enter 'Tin Man', a dwarf mining machine for Saul's dwarf army...

The model is a Ghordson Driller warjack from Privateer Press' Warmachine line. I do quite like the unique concept behind this game but can't justify another new fantasy game to myself (despite Saul's attempts to convince me otherwise!). That said, in the spirit of compromise, I have decided I have no problem adding a few warjacks, as and when, to existing WHFB armies, especially as some of the models are really nice.

This warjack was an impulse purchase at Crusade in Penarth last year, to be added to a growing number of miners in Saul's dwarf army (the idea is that maybe we will eventually have enough miners for a Border patrol size force). As a 'tin man' it looked like he would fit in perfectly with the miners.

It got painted up last night at the same time as I was doing the armour on the Burgundians, basically Tin Bitz drybrushed over black, then Boltgun Metal over that. I then, with a very dry and old knackered brush, stippled some black over parts of the model to mute it down and make it look slightly dirty like a working machine should. The end result was very pleasing, though I am pondering a suitable varnish as GW's satin dries too matt over metallics and the wonderful sheen is lost...


  1. Looks very nice - but I think it screams for a few runes inscribed here and there (in an old and muted tone of course).
    Best regards,

  2. There is one on the main body (if you click the top picture you can see it in the enlargement), I did some on the shoulder pads but didn't like the way they came out.