Friday, 15 May 2009

When's Second Breakfast?

Somewhat intrigued by what Tony is up to with halflings on his Dampf's Modelling Page Blog, I decided to dig out the unit of old GW Halflings I completed earlier this year to show on the blog.

I can't recall exactly when I bought these, but as most were pre-slotta base I assume it was around 1984-5. Bearing in mind I was a Goblin fantatic at the time I am not quite sure why I bought them (lunch for the goblins?), probably because they looked so much fun!

I dug them out as part of an exercise to see what F/SF units I could make out of the various odds and sods of white metal and plastic I have amassed over the last thirty years of wargaming that have never made it near a wargames table. Fortunately I had enough halflings to make a unit (without including some of the old GW LoTR hobbits I found from the first time they had the licence - I'm saving these for a rainy day).

Lovely little figures and full of character, there are a few duplications in the unit, but nothing too bad. I especially like the leader in breastplate with a pot for his helmet and the female with beer barrel which is the unit's standard bearer.

For those interested, the armour is my standard "grubbby armour" technique - paint it black, dry brush with GW Tin Bitz, then drybrush over that leaving bits showing through with GW Chainmail - quick and effective on anything from orcs through to dwarves, just use less Chainmail for a more grubby look...


  1. Hi Steve

    I've just finished three modelling projects - Halflings from Flintloque

    1st - HEVC Native Foot a Workbench article is due on TMP in the next couple of weeks. It's been with Bill for some time, but he tells me it should be up soon.

    2nd - HEVC Musket Artillery to be featured in either this edition or the next of the Flintloque Compendium/60 Bloody Rounds.

    3rd - a Dotty Bonkings and Bog Orc lover group which should be on my Blog soon.

    In addition I was interupting a thread on the Lead Adventures Forum, discussing the style and size of Halfling miniatures from different companies, hence the post!!!!

    Nothing more sinister, honest!

    I like your Halfling/Hobbits. I think ever serious modeller has a Halfling (or two) tucked away somewhere! Your post just proves it.


  2. Nobody ever accused me of being serious before! :-)

    Look forward to seeing the stuff on your blog and TMP.

  3. Great looking halflings, get some more painted.