Friday 8 May 2009

African Warlord SF Armour

When I was chatting to Tony at Salute about Iron Cow he asked about opfors for the South African Commonwealth in Iron Cow as nothing appeared that obvious as most of the continent had gone downhill during the 21st century. I had recently been working on some SAC background for a mini-campaign/article or PDF supplement and outlined some of the ideas that were being penned. The idea of the SAC is that they ensure their own survival first and then do what they can for the rest of the continent second. The mini-campaign concept centred around SAC military units on humanitarian missions to Central Africa, with random encounters of anything from bandits using RPG's and IED's, through small bands of warlords and slavers to first world forces in the employ of industrialists exploiting whatever sparse resources the continent still can offer (the obvious candidate here for Tony was the EuroFed Legion...)

With all this at the back of my mind (and now being the proud owner of a wonderful - unpainted -  SAC armoured regiment with convoy to protect) I have been toying with building up a small warlord army, mixing and matching troop types and armour into a ragtag force that might not be able to stand up to the SAC on a level playing field but in rough terrain and using the ambush rules could be a real challenge. This would also allow me to use up a number of 6mm odds and sods I have ended up with over the years including these lovely little Scotia grav-tanks. I only have the three and have no idea what code they are, but they are some of the nicer Scotia designs and I have always liked the remote hull mounted gun look (Scotia do some futuristic versions of contemporary armour with hull mounted guns including a cool looking "Abrahms 2000" version using the M1 hull).

This will be an ongoing project with bits added as and when. I'm not sure what I'm going to call this force but reading article in this month's BBC History Magazine about Uganda's misfortunes post-colonialism and the Holy Spirit Movement and Lord's Resistance Army led by quasi-Christian spirit mediums, it'll have to be something a bit weird to compete with real life...

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