Monday 23 March 2009

ONESS Panzer Grenadiers

Following on from the AmRep A.I. I painted earlier this month I've now painted up twenty German ONESS Panzer Grenadiers to playtest Iron Dog 2136AD with.

The miniatures are Pig Iron Heavy Infantry and whilst I initially purchased them with a view to using them as regular AmRep grunts I felt they had a "European" feel to them so decided to go with the Organisation of North European Sovereign States (ONESS) from the Iron Cow background and Germans specifically from the choice of ONESS nations.

The miniatures are really very nicely sculpted and highly recommended, they required minimal clean up before painting. I picked up Platoon Pack 1 and still have the heavy weapons teams to paint which come as pairs moving and firing. The command pack is superb with an officer, medic, sniper, comms trooper and a wonderful robot servant for the officer! I may well pick up the Infantry Booster pack to flesh out my squads as it contains some different poses and separate heads to allow more variation. I certainly intend to pick up some of the Kolony Militia to use as Neo-Soviets.

Painting was relatively straight forward though the moral of the story is always paint a test piece before you start an entire unit! :-(

I had a relatively simple (largely green) scheme in mind painting the combat fatigues in Vallejo's U.S.A. Uniform (70922) which I thought looked a bit garish but rolled with it painting up the body armour, faces etc. thinking the models would tone down. Having left them for a couple of hours on Friday evening I re-appraised them and then placed them next to some WW2 models - yuk! They looked awful! I'm not sure which "U.S. Uniform" this green is supposed to be but it is nearer Goblin Green than any olive green!! 

I resigned myself to respraying the models and starting from scratch again but decided to see what the officer would look like it I just re-undercoated the fatigues and dry brushed them Reflective Green (70890) - it looked good so I stayed up to 1am on Saturday morning repainting the other 18 troopers (fortunately the robot was ok in its Catachan Green armour!).

I finally finished basing them last night and despite the repaint am really pleased with them and am looking forward to getting some more Pig Iron to paint in the future.

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  1. Very nice indeed! Good to know other people experience a moment of pause when seeing the paint go from the pot to a miniature