Tuesday, 16 August 2022

ColdWar '58: Soviet Motor Rifle Company

Following on from the Recce elements added to my Soviet Cold War '58 force, we now have some infantry to hold the ground the T-55's and T-10's roll over! 

The company is made up of three platoons of two BTR-152's each, carrying an infantry section. The BTR's are Butler's Printed Models (again a bit rough and not completely happy with them though they have painted up ok) and the infantry Heroics & Ros painted Vallejo Khaki Grey (and yes I did paint the red shoulder boards on if you squint!)

I have a seventh BTR painted for the company HQ but ran out of figures for its infantry base so that will have to wait, but amongst a pile of 1/300th white metal I found a solitary BTR-152U command variant which I've based up as my Soviet CO element for games of Cold War Commander. Not sure of the manufacturer, I suspect it is Heroics but I could be wrong.


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    1. Cheers Jim, was really happy with them.

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    1. Cheers, the 6mm '58 bug is very infectious!

  3. I'm pretty sure its a Scotia Grendel model

    1. Ah, good call! I keep forgetting they do 6mm (doh!)