Monday 1 June 2020

Mortal Gods: Themysciran Psiloi

At long last I have made some progress on my first planned lochagos for Mortal Gods. Having some of the old Wargames Factory Amazon hoplites still sitting around after I chopped up some to make cenaturides a few years back I thought it would be fun to raise a Themysciran Amazon Lochagos!

I planned out the force before the game was released based on some sample forces being shown off by Footsore so when it is completed there will be 18 hoplites, 9 psiloi and 3 leaders/heroines. Whilst I had the hoplites I needed to source other miniatures for the remainder of the lochagos, Bronze Age Miniatures providing some suitable heroic leaders and Eureka Miniatures the lighter armed psiloi.

They are all on the workbench together but the psiloi were finished first. The models were block painted, Soft Tone dipped and then highlights added... For basing I tried Luke's APS Mediterranean Soil Base Ready mix for a change.

Themysciran akontistai with javelins... (shield decals from Veni Vidi Vici)

Themysciran toxotai with bow...

Themysciran sphendonetai with slings...

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