Sunday, 24 February 2019

Cruel Seas: Heroics and Ros Fairmile D's

With plans to give Cruel Seas another spin on Wednesday I spent this morning sticking my two Heroics and Ros Fairmile D's together (and my fingers!).

Whilst they are not quite as detailed as the Warlord model they are a fraction of the price and look like they'll provide some useful firepower to support the smaller Vospers (Warlord Vosper model for comparison).

In the rulebook it states that they chose 1/300th so the boats could have visible crews and then the plastic models come without them. Whilst Warlord have now released separate crew figures I picked up a few Heroics British infantry command and artillery figure strips to crew my boats. The Fairmile's above are crewed (honest) and hopefully the sailors will provide a splash of colour and life to the boats when I get around to painting them...