Wednesday 1 January 2014

The Thousand Figure Challenge 2014...

Looking back through the blog I am clearly useless when it comes to New Years Resolutions so for 2014 I am setting myself just one objective - paint one thousand miniatures!

Last year I set myself a target of one a day and managed to paint 509 by year's end. I ummed and ahhed about setting a target of 500, maybe 730 ie. twice last year's target, but in the end I have decided to think big and set myself a target of 1,000.

Same rules apply, one figure equals on singularly mounted miniature, vehicle or base of small scale models. I might be being over ambitious, possibly insane, but it is something to aim for.

Some of the things you may see in 2014 might include...

2014 Painting Target: 0/1000


  1. Best of luck with the target! Will enjoy following your progress.

  2. Good luck with the target Steve. That's rather an eclectic mix for us to look forward to seeing you post.

  3. Courage !!
    I can't have a target like that !
    and, of course: Happy New Year !

  4. Good luck with your target!

  5. That's an ambitious target Steve, I've only gone for 300 as my one for the year which will be hard enough.

  6. 1,000 figures is, indeed, an ambitious target. I was happy to get 100 28mm painted, but I am the Slowest Painter on Earth.

    Good luck with it, and we all look forward to seeing your handiwork.