Friday 10 January 2014

Donnybrook: The Madness Begins...

So Donnybrook is available for pre-order and will ship at the end of the month. The plan to buy my figures from the classic Dixon Miniatures has gone up in smoke as I decided to order a pile of figures from Warfare Miniatures having been seduced by the photos on their website. I probably should have waited for the rules to work out what I need but I have picked a mix of generic infantry which will do for starters.

WLOA1 Musketeers Firing (photo Warfare Miniatures)
I've only dipped my toe into researching the period and am trying to restrict myself to the 1660 to 1685 period (well maybe up to 1697). From an English perspective, aside from the obvious areas such as the Monmouth and the wars for and against the Dutch and French, there are also conflicts in Ireland, India, North Africa, America (the Bacon Rebellion sadly not being about bacon...) and of course against Pirates...

WLOA2 Musketeers at Ease (photo Warfare Miniatures)
Given the small forces needed (20 to 50 figures a side), their multiple usability (many units can fight for different countries) and that even non-European enemies such as the Moors and Native Americans will have uses beyond this specific period.

Got a good feeling about this...


  1. I'm not familiar with this - I'll have to check it out (although a NEW gaming genre might not be in keeping with my New Year Resolution.)