Friday 29 November 2013

Operation Black Friday Thwarted!

As an Englishman I must confess to inwardly cringing at the attempt by certain retailers to bring Black Friday to these shores, especially as no one is offering a public holiday and a turkey dinner the day before. However I would be a numpty to not take advantage of any offers from retailers who decide to sell me something I had been planning to buy at a cheaper price.

Enter Plastic Soldier Company producers of fine plastic kits and the Battlegroup Kursk rulebook. Following Tas' excellent review/AAR I decided to pick up a copy sometime soon, after all a man cannot have too many sets of WW2 rules.

Having had a hectic, and following a trip to the tyre dept expensive, day, I decided a bit of retail therapy was in order and the nice people at PSC were embracing the spirit of Black Friday by offering 25% of their products today.

Unfortunately their website decided not to play ball and allow me to place my order. For some reason it decided there were "no shipping options to your address". I know the Royal Mail has been privatised but surely folk in West Sussex can send stuff to Bristol! I gave PSC a ring but clearly they realised it was POETS day as no one was answering just after 4pm and I didn't get a response to my hastily sent  email.

So I'm not sure if I have missed out on the 25% saving due to the machinations of the PSC shopping cart, I'll be a bit disappointed if I have but I suppose I can wait until Black Friday 2014!


  1. I know what you mean - it is not a UK tradition at all. However much as I hate to say it there is a certain logic in having the main discount day before Christmas rather than the day after it!

  2. Drat! I've just realised that I, too, took advance of the Black Friday offer from PSC last night after returning from a night out with friends; I can only hope my order arrives... :-S

  3. Ah, the new super-dooper privatised Royal Mail. I recall well when they privatised my commuter line.

  4. There are some things you can't entrust to private enterprise, and the post is one of them.