Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Ruin of Britain

West Wind Productions are celebrating their 10th birthday at present and are offering a whopping great 30% discount on their Arthurian, Berlin or Bust WW2 and Samurai lines - well they are until tomorrow night (the discount code is BIRTHDAY if you are interested).

This seemed to be too good an offer to ignore so I dug out the box of Old Glory Arthurians Mike Baumann sent me a few years back to see what I had and what I needed to purchase to make these models into usable armies for Dux Bellorum. The box contained 30 Romano-British infantry, 30 Irish infantry and 35 Saxons.

Rules author Dan Mersey's blog gives some sample armies for the game and following these I worked out that I needed a total of 42 Romano-British miniatures, 49 Irish and 48 Saxons to raise these armies, so having the back broken on these already and with West Wind offering 30% off it seemed a bit of a no brainer really to order what was needed to finish the unpainted armies off (SWMBO didn't appear to be agreeing but I managed to distract her with the Jewellery Channel on the TV). I did have a mini-worry about figure compatibility but IIRC West Wind's Andy Cooper used to work for Old Glory so I am hoping this won't be a major problem.

The pack compositions posed a bit of a problem leaving me odd figures short for some bases but as the number of figures on a base is not vital I have some ideas to get around this. The only "still needed" miniatures that West Wind did not have are some Irish Ordinary Riders and I need to seek out three miniatures for this.

The only problem now is not to go off project and start playing about with them when they arrive. They are a 2013 project and will stay that way!!

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  1. I bought some of their Saxons the other day.

    They're really nice figures and match well with my Foundry figures.