Tuesday 4 September 2012

(Orc Month) Fantasy Forge Orcs

Twenty years before Games Workshop managed to upset a large percentage of their customer base with a switch from metal to resin for miniatures production, Scottish company Fantasy Forge (best known for SF wargame Kryomek) were producing miniatures in the medium, including Orcs and Barbarians, with excellent results.

To kick off September is Orc Month I have dug out a box of the Fantasy Forge Orcs to form the basis of the Red Skull regiment. The box contained twelve Orcs in two basic poses but with head variations, sculpted by Kev Adams and quite finely detailed (with very little in the way of the pin hole issues that seem to bedevil GW's Finecast). Of course twelve figures is not really enough for a unit, but being Kev Adams sculpts, I managed to rescue four old Heartbreaker Orcs from Lead Mountain which Kev had also sculpted and fit in perfectly.

ps. I haven't forgotten the Athenian cavalry, they have been painted and dipped and now just need the bases finishing off...


  1. Aggressive looking and definitely threatening. Well done on the paint job. Huzzah for Orc Month!

  2. Now they are proper orcs. nice work