Monday 14 May 2012

The Sound Of (Ancient) War!

Apologies for the lack of wargaming posts of late, I have returned to the Athenians in a roundabout way and have been trying to finish off the two remaining hoplite phalanxes as well as doing some work on the psiloi and pelstats (including finding out what they were - I'm no ancients expert - and what the differences were!).

So hopefully some freshy painted joy soon. In the meantime I came across this wonderful video on YouTube of John Kenny playing the carnyx (the ancient celtic horn). I am sooo tempted to copy it, duplicate it a few times add a bit of barbarian cheering from Gladiator and play it when the celts are done and take to the table! :-)


  1. That's a bloody impressive sound!

  2. Sounds like my wife on a bad day

  3. Incredible. I can see how such a sound would inspire allies yet strike fear in the enemy. Thanks for the link. It's now saved in my favorites!