Monday, 21 May 2012

Athenian Psiloi

Hurrah! Painted figures!! :-)

I managed to grab a few minutes today to finish off the fourteen Foundry psiloi for my Athenian army for the Peloponnesian War project I started last year (unfortunately missing the deadline of Saul's Classics GCSE which is next week! Still he is hoping to continue the subject at A Level so that should give me another two years to finish it...).

I had intended to make all the army up using Immortal Miniatures but they went off the grid around the time I painted the first two Hoplite phalanxes so after waiting a couple of months I availed myself of a pile of Foundry light infantry and cavalry off eBay - only for Warlord to announce their purchase of Immortal a week later...

I was a tad annoyed at the time but have concluded that the Immortal psiloi with their fur cloaks will provide a good contrast as Spartan skirmishers to the standard linen tunic look of the Foundry figures...

Painting was straight forward block painting using a limited palette of colours and then a coat of Army Painter 'soft tone' dip which I think has worked well. I also painted up the three Immortal musicians for the phalanxes which I forgot to do last year.

The remaining two Immortal Athenian Hoplite phalanxes have been painted and dipped, I just need to matt varnish them and paint the shields. Of course like any wargamer I am being tempted to expand what was a limited project by shiny new things, in this case the forthcoming Victrix plastic Athenians which should be out in time for my birthday and do look very nice...

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  1. Looks like two of them forgot their pants. :P