Saturday 26 June 2010

Armed Forces Day 2010

Today is the UK's second ever Armed Forces Day honouring Britain's armed forces, past, present and future. Not sure why it really got this country so long to organise this (or the predecessor Veteran's Day which was first held in 2006 - whatever history says or we think of Gordon Brown, kudos to him for getting this up and running), probably the British psyche of "not making a fuss..." There are lots of events running across the UK, but if you can't attend one please remember to raise a glass later today for all our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen for their service and sacrifice for our country, past, present and future.

My son-in-law, David, is an officer on the Ark Royal and has the honour (ie. drawn the short straw) of having to shake hands with the Prime Minister later today (he has been told to count all his fingers afterwards...).

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