Sunday 19 July 2009

Hyborian Age Cimmerians

Got a bit distracted today at the painting table and painted up this unit of 10mm barbarians from Kallistra!

I've always enjoyed Robert E. Howard's Conan stories and decided a while back that 10mm and Warmaster would be the way to go to collect some Hyborian armies, a few packs of barbarians later and typically no further progress was made! :-(

This first Cimmerian unit has been sat on a shelf, based and undercoated, for a good couple of years now and for some reason today I decided to just advance them a little bit before returning to the projects in hand which were drying...

For 10mm I give miniatures a black undercoat before a heavy drybrush of a base colour (in this case brown) before picking out detail. This means if I miss something it has some paint on it and will still stand out from the undercoat. In between checking the cricket scores I kept coming back to this unit to add a little bit more until I finished them!

For good measure I finished off this unit of Battle of the Five Armies GW plastic Goblins which had been sitting around painted and merely waiting for a drybrush on the base and some flock. Took all of two minutes and now they're done!

There are other projects that need finishing more urgently so I am relegating 10mm to an "as and when" project, painting up a unit at a time, in between other projects for a bit of light relief. so eventually there will be a useable number done and ready for a bit of Howard or Tolkien Warmaster action on the games table...

Postscript: "as and when" eh? Just ordered some more barbarians off Kallistra and their new Vikings look very nice as well, dang...


  1. Cracking stuff! Ive been really tempted to have a go at doing some Conan stuff in 15mm scale but the 10mm warmaster hordes look great!

  2. Excellent paintjobs Steve. I'm considering starting Warmaster with a mixture of Copplestone, Pendraken and Kallistra fantasy miniatures. The latter two are both sculpted by the same guy (Germy of Brigade Models fame, I do believe), so match up excellently and Copplestone because of the obvious LOTR links that could work nicely.

  3. In the case of the barbarians they are the same figures, Pendraken's are just individual rather than on strips (which might have been a better option to make the units more irregular, but I already had the Kallistra strips...)

    If doing Tolkien it is worth getting the GW Five Armies box as it has a lot in it and a set of the rules.

  4. The barbarians look fantastic Steve!
    Interestingly enough I just bought several packets of these to use as 10mm Cavemen to fight some 10mm Dinosaurs. I hope mine end up as nicely painted as yours!
    Great work!

  5. Hey Steve
    yeah the five armies set looks good, it's a little dear at the moment though, considering you can get the rules on their site for free!

  6. Very nice, you're units are very well painted! I'm currently doing something along the same lines for warmaster but in Tolkien's milieu and in 20mm scale. Drop by my blog and check it out,