Monday 13 July 2009

Gulf War SAS

I managed to finish my 15mm Gulf War SAS squad last night for Scudbusters II. The figures are Peter Pig from their AK47 Republic range (bareheaded professional soldiers with M16 IIRC) as no one appears to do Gulf War SAS in 15mm which is kinda stupid as it's the only suitable gaming scale for Scudbusters you can get a Scud in!

Painting the figures has been a bit of a nightmare as none of my normal painting techniques seemed to work and I was starting to despair of getting anything that looked vaguely half decent. In the end I decided to have a go with the Army Painter dip and whilst the figures won't win any prizes they look okay and will do the job blowing up Scuds or goats (whichever comes first).


  1. I am getting more and more tempted by the Army painter dip idea - particularly as I have a pathalogical aversion to painting anything organic! They look fine, suitably 'desert-dusty' and where can you get a 15mm SCUD from?

  2. QRF do a Scud in 15mm (along with lots of other useful vehicles and infantry suitable as Iraqis):

    Regarding the dip, check out the Tabletop Terrain blog for homemade dip including dip in different shades: