Monday 20 April 2009

Memo To Self: Ignore All Distractions!

So there I was minding my own business trying to finish off painting my 6mm EuroFed when issue 65 of The Journal arrives... 

Lots of interesting stuff within but one article really piqued my interest. It was on WW2 Soviet coastal and riverine forces, not a topic I really knew much about, but the idea of gunboats (with T34 turrets) sailing up the Danube, engaging other vessels as well as tanks on the shore (one gunboat was famously sunk by a German Elefant!) seems hard to resist, especially as NavWar make some in 1/300th. (Now I do have some unpainted Soviet armour somewhere...)

I am doing best to be strong and focus on projects in hand, but I'd only need a couple, they are only £1.50 each and it's so easy to order things via the internet these days...


  1. Bad Steve! :P

    Looks interesting and I can see why you're interested though!


  2. I love WW2 coastal and have a long standing project to campaign the Axis v Soviet in the Black Sea: Russian Battleships, German Eboot, Italian Submarines and Romanian destroyers, plenty of amphibious actions - Huzzah! There are lots of lovely 1/1200 stuff for coastal stuff too.

    Paul OG