Saturday 4 April 2009

AmRep Mechanised Infantry

I've started a bit of a push on the 6mm SF front having realised that the Iron Cow rulebook is OOP. I started sorting through my Salute purchases yesterday and thought I'd line up the AmRep forces first on the workbench. At Salute I bought a pack of pretty much all of GZG's 6mm SF infantry. Unfortunately when I got home they weren't labelled so I didn't know what was supposed to be what. No major shakes as the Iron Cow background is obviously different but it means I can't tell you what I painted!

All the packs contain 24 nicely sculpted 6mm scale infantry with this unit in full body armour and enclosed helmets with a mix of small arms and man-portable heavy weapons. This pack has an Aliens style chaingun and a shoulder fired missile launcher with magazine.

The figures were a breeze to paint, black undercoat, drybrush Catachan Green, lighter drybrush of green with a dab of white added. The helmets vizors were painted Enchanted Blue, with a dab of grey splashed on the weapons and a couple of dots for unit insignia added to the shoulders.

Basing was a slight conundrum. The rules suggest four to a base but I decided to base them in twos on some tiddlywinks I'd bought from em-4 a while back. I discounted the GZG bases as too high (2mm = 2 foot in 1/300th) and requiring too much work to scrap flash off etc.

Overall quite pleased with the first 6mm I've painted in a decade. I'm currently working on a company of M-82 Boyd MBT's, the test model for which I think looks really nice...

UPDATE: the infantry are GZG's UNSC Marines Hardsuit Infantry Platoon (code DSM-135). Thanks to Nick Whittock for this...

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  1. I can't see 15mm and you are tempting me with 6mm!


    Very nice paint jobs.