Friday 4 August 2023

Western Desert: 15th Panzer Division

Since Dan Mersey released his quick play WW2 tank rules Armoured Storm: The Desert War 1941-1942 I've been keen to give them a go but have been slightly hampered by the fact I have no 6mm Western Desert miniatures - something I have now rectified!

Loosely set around the mid 1942 period (Battle of Gazala and all that) I had a pile of British and German armour printed off and have quickly painted up the Germans.

The bulk of the German force are Panzer III Ausf J with a Panzerkompanie of them painted up. They have two HQ tanks which unfortunately had damaged barrels, normally I would drill them out and replace with some wire but decided to tidy the barrels up and have them as Ausf N's with the short 75mm guns.

Whilst STL files for the Panzer III's (and IV's below) where easy to source (Bergman) the section of Panzer II's I wanted proved more troublesome but the printer said he'd hunt some down so I left it with him... Unfortunately the Panzer II's he found and printed were Ausf D's with their rather distinctive wheels which only fought in Poland :-) For trying out the game I've painted them up as Deutsches Afrikakorps but will look to replace them as some point (possibly).

Finally there is a Panzerzug of Panzer IV Ausf D's which are nice models but a couple suffered from from printing problems on the back of the tracks, but they'll do for now.

Next up a big pile of Crusaders!

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