Monday 10 July 2023

Sinai War: Egyptian Archer Mechanised Anti-Tank Battery

My Arab-Israeli gaming is in serious danger of "war creep"... Having started just focused on the October/Yom Kippur War of 1973, with half an eye on the June/Six-Day War of 1967 due to a cross over of certain equipment, I've now painted up some models for the Tripartite Aggression/Suez Crisis/Sinai War of 1956!

Having been given a pile of random 6mm prints I found it contained five Archer SPG's which my first inclination was to paint up as WW2 British (potentially for 'O'Group) but upon discovering the Egyptians used them in 1956 I decided to paint them up as Archers of the 78th Anti-Tank Battery at the Battle of Abu-Ageila (also the scene of a battle in 1967).

As you can see the 1956 paint scheme was plain sand (as it was in 1967 which will be useful for my planned T-34 and SU-100 companies). Just need to pick up some AMX-13's for them to shoot at now...

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