Sunday, 21 November 2021

War of Liberation: 3/1° Fanteria di Linea & 3/4° Fanteria di Linea

Hi, my name is Steve and I am a wargames butterfly... :D 

Yes, something new but I guess not a surprise. Whilst most of my gaming is 28mm I have a deep rooted love for 6mm as a scale, it makes games look like battles. So when Rob and a few others down BIG started dabbling in 6mm Napoleonics with Black Powder, it didn't take much for me to ping off an order to Grumbler Miniatures for some of their French. 

3/1° Fanteria di Linea in line

Initially I toyed with painting them up as French regiments from the 100 Days but in the end decided to slightly mirror my Sharp Practice efforts and paint them up as Kingdom of Italy troops, this time as units of Fontanelli's 15th Division in Germany in 1813 (though the bulk can be used for many campaigns such as Spain and Russia). The first are the 3/1° Fanteria di Linea and 3/1° Fanteria di Linea, the latter being an understrength battalion in 1813.

3/4° Fanteria di Linea in line

The miniatures are lovely, though I got a bit silly splitting four figure bases up to include the odd one or two greatcoated figure amongst the ranks of campaign dress(!), and in my opinion better proportioned than most other companies efforts (with their oversize heads).

3/1° Fanteria di Linea in attack column

Painting was pretty straightforward given the white Italian uniforms, this time using GW Contrast Apothecary White, which is really a pale grey that settles nicely in the recesses of a figure.

3/4° Fanteria di Linea in attack column

I had been pondering on basing 6mm for a while, static grass being generally too big and most flocks, well meh! However spotting what another gamer did on Facebook I've used Woodland Scenics Green Blend which I think looks pretty good.

On with the rest of the 1st Brigade now...

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