Friday, 18 January 2019

The Men Who Would Be Kings: Undercoating the Spears

George and I have a cunning plan to refight Rorke's Drift on Wednesday evening (it being almost exactly the 140th anniversary etc) so I have been trying to get enough Zulus stuck together and at the very least undercoated in time for us to do so.

In TMWWBK terms here are:

4 units of Married Zulus (Tribal Infantry)

4 units of Unmarried Zulus (Tribal Infantry)

2 units of Zulu skirmishers (Irregular infantry)

Mostly Warlord I have added a number of Perry plastic Zulus in the mix.

I have another 64 Warlord Zulus on sprues but I may not have time to get them to this stage with other commitments...

1 comment:

  1. Nice collection. I can't wait to see them once you get to the washing of the spears.