Wednesday 1 August 2018

Outremer: Salah's Scavengers

Off to BIG in a little while for another spin with Osprey's Outremer. I'm hoping I remember some of the rules(!) However I did manage to point up my own 749 Livre warband and finish off two more figures, conversions using Gripping Beast Viking bodies and Arab infantry heads, shields and equipment, to give me a couple of armoured figures that hopefully won't die quite as quickly as the rank and file.

Sub-Arif Mohammed Salah and Mamluk Amhed Hassan
Spear armed Adath's Essam El-Hadrid, Mohammed Awad and Ahmed Hegazi
Bow armed Peasant's Saad Samir, Sherif Ekramy and Ramadan Sobhi
Yes, all the character names are taken from the Egyptian World Cup football squad!


  1. Nice work Steve..and the names made me chuckle 😁

  2. These look great! I love this level of skirmish gaming - with small bands of fighters. I've been seriously tempted to pick up Outremer, but I feel like I have just too many games (and too many miniature projects) at the moment and I already feel like I don't get to play the ones I already have enough!