Monday 2 July 2018

Outremer: Saracen Warband II

I've decided that the quickest and most effective way of getting these figures painted and on the tabletop is the trusty old dip, so today was all about block painting!

I'm not too keen on figures being too bright given the rigours of the battlefield and the lack of Persil so I am hoping the dip with subdue the sky blue which is a little brighter than I would like.

Just got to decide what to do with the shield designs now, the LBMS decals are lovely but do I really want to spend six quid on buying them for dipped figures?


  1. I think that you can justify #6 for an effective finish, look upon it as one less pint or a McDonalds breakfast.

  2. Hello there! I the author of Outremer! I’m keen to see how your game goes as I really like seeing people enjoying the game! Warband is coming along nicely by the way!!